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 Fragment #2 - A good reason to go shopping on your second date

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MessageSujet: Fragment #2 - A good reason to go shopping on your second date   04.01.09 21:45

Sunday 12th august 2007
in London

I wake up with a “tada” on my phone. New text. My head aches and the room stinks at alcohol. My cloths are spread all over the room. But who cares? It’s Sunday.
Oops, I forget the text and jump, maybe I should say crowl, into the shower.
How hard it is to wash your hair when the world keeps rolling around you.
Cold water sorts it.
“tat” “tat” an annoying thing keeps beeping. My phone! I remember. Check the text.
“want to meet up for lunch?” It’s Martin. HELL YEAH. I finish dressing and text him back. Have two hours to look gorgeous but casual. I start trying on my whole wardrobe to end up wearing my first option: white shorts and pink top that matches my flip flops.
My knees keep shaking. I run out of time and dash of the house. Don’t want to think so put my Ipod on and listen to Soda Stereo.
In Hammersmith, catch the Piccadilly line. I check on the map and need to change in Leicester Sq. My heart is pounding so hard that I am worry people around can see it. I concentrate on my music and silently sing: ella durmió al calor de las masas y yo desperté queriendo soñarla... ya que el amor es música ligera.
I look up and run out of the carriage. I almost get stuck in there. Walk to the Northern line. The train approaches and I am squeezed by the door among the crowd. I step in. Someone steps on my flip flop and it falls. I look back and it’s gone. I assume it’s under the train.
I find I seat and stare at my bare foot. Everyone stares at it indeed. Some grin others laugh but no sign of pity. Not that I want it, but if they knew all the effort I put on getting dressed for Martin they would lend me their shoulders. Oh well, a good reason to go shopping.
The stations pass back and before I know I’m in Clapham Common. Check on the time and it’s 2 pm. Good timing Clara. I perceive odd looks but keep on walking to the barriers with only one flip flop. I make it to the street and Martin is waiting. Before he even greets me he asks for my shoe. I tell him the story and cracks laughing.
“But now we need, well, I need to go shopping” I say.
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Fragment #2 - A good reason to go shopping on your second date
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