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 Fragment #11 - Zombies and Ghouls

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MessageSujet: Fragment #11 - Zombies and Ghouls   04.01.09 22:02

Saturday 3rd november 2007
in London

The walls are sweating around me. I am lost. There are so many people in here. It is a bit cold. I look at myself in a mirror. I am pale-faced, and I have bags under my bottomless-pupiled eyes. My fangs hurt a bit. I lick them, making them stick better to my gum.
I’m in a former prison. It is now a party place. Such a good idea for parties: a prison. And even more. It is such a good place for Halloween. Around me, other vampires and ghouls, zombies and muscled mad doctors, their bare chests splattered with blood. This place is stiffling hot.
I go to the dance floor, open my mouth on my white fangs, smile a bit, and start shaking my body. The rhythm of the earth enthrals my entire body. I start moving on the vibes. I smile at a gothic Lolita, wink at a white-faced, torn-shirted zombie. He moves closer to me. I stick my flesh to his, going up and down his toned body.
I stop dancing a bit, and go back to the bar, to catch my breath again. My sweat is dribbling down my spine. The zombie, still dancing, is staring at me. I ask for a gin tonic, pay for it, grab the glass, and go wander in the dark corridors. Who knows what can one find back there? I like this atmosphere of darkness and freaks. Halloween has always been one of my favourite time of the year. The Dark Time, where people can get mad, possessed by wandering spirits.
A couple catches my attention at the end of a corridor. She is blond, and leaning on the wet stone wall. He is speaking to her, kissing her from time to time. She is beautiful, her white face as pure as monumental alabaster, a long and pure neck with red marks on it. She is wearing a transparent night gown, revealing what has to be revealed. He is handsome; his skin is of a gorgeous copper colour, he is slim and lean. Across is body, from stomach to his back, a sword is getting its way through his Elizabethan clothes.
I can grasp part of their conversation:
“So, didn’t she say she would be coming?”
“Who, S.?” – I can’t get a grasp of her proper name –“Yes, she did. But I haven’t seen her for the moment.”
I have to speak to them. I don’t know why, I don’t know how. But they just seem so cool. I’m not one of these easy-going guys, who would chat anyone up. I just try my best.
“Be thus when thou art dead
And I’ll kill thee, and love thee after”
They turn to me, both at the same time.
“Hey! I’m sorry for the interruption. I’m Jed. It’s nice to meet you.”
“I’m James, and this is Ophelia.”
“Hey! How did you know about our costume? We where just saying one to another that no one would find out who we where disguised as.”
“Yes, one of these silly zombies even asked me if I was one of these characters from these Bruce Lee films.”
I laugh. And smile at them.
Yes, silly zombies.
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Fragment #11 - Zombies and Ghouls
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