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 Fragment #13 - This way cum!

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MessageSujet: Fragment #13 - This way cum!   04.01.09 22:21

Monday 26th november 2007
in London

Our lips against each other collapsed.
Tes lèvres. Tes lèvres.
Your lips, your tongue. All yourself in me.
Et ton corps contre mon corps dans la petite chambre.
And your skin against my skin. Our bodies in love with each other.
Enlevés les vêtements, vaines peaux de tissus. Je veux sentir ton torse humide contre le mien, le frottement de nos jambe, la chaleur de tes bras.
My fingers dancing onto your skin, caressing and embracing. My arms making of my torso your prison. Keeping you tight against my skin. Making of your curves a body-tatoo.
Lentement je fais glisser ton caleçon d'une main, puis mon pied vient prendre le relai pour t'en débarrasser, mais à aucun moment ma langue ne quitte le creux de ta bouche.
Est-ce que tu m'aimes ?

I press your body harder against mine, fondling your arse in large gestures. I breathe your breath and you breathe mine. Are we this double headed monster? Every beat of my heart against your chest shouts my love to you.
Ton rythme cardiaque s'emballe, je le sens. Ma main se perd dans tes cheveux et tire ta tête en arrière, pour mieux me laisser te mordre le cou. Je suis un vampire, beau loup-garou. L'accouplement des monstres dans le lit d'un jeune garçon.
Above our heads i can see the full moon staring at our couple. Your teeth in my throat shout your love, your possession of my weak body. My hand grabs your cock in your underpants. It rip your clothes off, and mine. In the mirror of my consciousness, two naked Gods face each other. Your Idol of mine enters my open mouth.
Et mes doigts se crispent sur le matelas à mesure que tu embrases ma colonne de sang, mon dos se contracte et se cambre, ta bouche bat le rythme sur le petit instrument. Je m'envole.
My hands caress your buttocks firmly, entering now and then your anus. I can deepthroat you too, and I see you like it when the Idol hurts the top of my oesophagus, as your mouth opens wider, on shrill and almost silent shouts.
Ma main dans tes cheveux accélère le mouvement. Je sens le feu qui se propage en moi, et je deviens cette bête sans foi ni loi. Plus vite, salope...
I take your hand off my hair; stop blowing you, slither up your body, liking you throughout and -- arriving at your mouth -- kiss you deeply.
Toi sur moi, et nos langues qui se mêlent à nouveau. Mes doigts déchirent fébrilement et avec habileté l'emballage d'un préservatif que je glisse sur mon pénis, puis je frotte mon gland contre toi pour ouvrir doucement la voie, mon corps tout entier agité de spasmes d'excitation.
My right hand goes down your shaft, putting lub on it, then on my arsehole. You put your column at the entrance of my tunnel. I push down slowly, my entire body as erect as this column. I’m taking the size of your Universe. I’m fulfilled by our love, hard and warm. I feel my soul rising.
Le feu se déverse dans mes membres, innonde ma peau et mon sang, gangrenne mes muscles et les contracte à sa guise. Je suis une torche humaine et nous haletons au ralenti. Je regarde ton visage, ton joli visage tant chéri. Tu es à moi, Jed.
I feel water all over me, sweat as sweet as sugar, as sour as our souls burning in hell. Can you smell my skin melting from pleasure? Can you feel how you can dispose of me? Can you hear that I am yours? Make me your slave. I’m drowning in my own pleasure.
Eruption de plaisir. Je me retire et plaque Jed sur le dos, afin de déverser, sur son torse huilé de sueur, dans un cri de jouissance, le fruit nacré de notre travail.

His skin is now against mine, under the white sheets. The cotton is caressing both our skins, at last reunited. My hand goes through his hair. I kiss the nape of his neck. And I remember.
Yesterday, in the tube: my reflection in the tube’s window staring at Julian’s one. Our eyes meeting; our faces, perfect reflection of one another. My hand in his hand; our running upstairs, our going out in the cold night, my trembling, our bodies going closer one to another. I kissed him on the cheek. He smiled. We went down Wisteria lane. He looked so bemused by this perfection around him. All these houses looked the same. I stopped in front of my place. I opened the gateway for him. He blushed. I opened the door, dragging him with me.
“Granny it’s me!”
Everything was dark. I went toward the kitchen, to see if Granny had left a note on the fridge. She spoke about a surprise.
“Surprise!” they shouted.
The lights turned on revealing in front of Julian and me Granny, Granddad and… Ariane.
I ran to her, kissed her on both cheeks. Julian in my back was startled. He didn’t really know what to do.
“Oh, sorry everyone. This is Julian, a French friend of mine.”
“Bonjour Julian”, Ariane said, quite coldly.
“I was wondering if he could stay a bit at ours.”
“No problem!” Granny said, with a huge smile. “He looks frozen to death. You should get a scarf, darling. Better, I’ll start knit you one tomorrow.”
Julian didn’t know how to react. I just smiled at him, and he rather confidently smiled back. Granddad didn’t say a word. He was next to Ariane, and they started chatting together about her life in France and her exams to be a stewardess.
We had a cheesecake for my nineteenth birthday. I’d rather not think about it. I hate getting old. I’m not getting wiser.
After having chatted a bit with Ariane, her not really paying attention to Julian, we went upstairs.
“Goodnight everyone.”
“Hep, what about Julian’s bed? I have to get some sheets ready and…”
“It’s fine Granny, he’ll sleep in my bed.”
She smiled at me.

Up in the room, we didn’t really know what to speak about. I smiled at Julian, once or twice; and I asked a bit about how things were in Dijon. Nothing new, the same odd weather, though nicer than here in London, the same people, the same places. Oh, and Lola had had her child. I started grinning thinking about all the love she should be spreading these days. I thought about the love I wanted to give; especially the one I wanted to give to Julian.
I seemed to have the same thought at the same moment, as our faces started going close to the other exactly at the same movement, as two reflections would unite their lips from a side of the mirror to the other.

Our lips against each other collapsed.

[cf. Julian #324]
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Fragment #13 - This way cum!
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