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 Fragment #25 - Back in the lovers’ bed

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MessageSujet: Fragment #25 - Back in the lovers’ bed   04.01.09 22:44

Friday 18th january 2008
in London

There’s some comforting warmth next to me.
I can’t remember where I am. Am I still in France, then, as I’m not alone in this bed? I come closer to this flesh next to me, embrace this warm body, and feel its presence next to me. I kiss softly a bare shoulder.
“Mmmm? Jed?” He says, still half-asleep.
“Je t’aime, tu sais ça.”
“Avoir fait tous ces kilomètres, même si tu n’as pas payé ton billet. En effet. ”
I come closer, kiss softly his lips. He opens them, and our tongues meet. I put my hand on the nape of his neck. It is strange how to put one’s hand on someone’s nape makes you feel he’s yours. I still love him. There’s no question about it. I do still love him.
Some signs were shouting this love: the smile on my face when I saw him, my heart still pounding in my chest, this thought turning round and round, saying you’re nothing without him.
My hand goes down his back, caressing his bare back. I can feel his skin tremble under my cold fingers. He shivers. I kiss him again, and smile at him.
“I love you,” I whisper.
Every thing that had happened before had vanished of my mind. I don’t even remember why I dumped him. I can be so silly sometimes.
“Il va falloir que je me remette à l’anglais,” he answers back.
I go closer to him again, and press his entire body the harder I can on mine.
From now on, you’re going to stay with me, Jon.
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Fragment #25 - Back in the lovers’ bed
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