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 Fragment #30 – Sweet kisses from France

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MessageSujet: Fragment #30 – Sweet kisses from France   04.01.09 22:52

Tuesday 29th March 2008
in London

Dear Jed,
Comment vas-tu?
As for me, I am quite well. As I told you in our phone conversation, I am still with Martin and he drives me mad. I did have to work quite a lot for the DSS I was preparing for being a stewardess, and he kept arranging parties with anyone. Just remember, here, everyday is just made of sex, drugs and rock’n’roll, as you can imagine! Anyway I finally passed my exam! Hurray! Even though I couldn’t even sleep the night before as they were shouting quotes from Baudelaire in the other room. And when I finally came to sleep, I had this strange dream about doing the exam as a dog was licking me. Guess what? I woke up instantly, and found out it was in fact Martin’s friend, Jerome, who was licking my pussy. And guess what, Martin was filming. No, you won’t have any footage. I ordered Martin to burn it. Well, and yes, he made an orgiac ceremony out of that, as usual.
Anyway, I have my DSS now! I’ll soon be a stewardess. Well, as soon as a company accepts me. And friends told me it could be quite long. I just send my CV to several companies today. I hope Air France will contact me soon to get this test day fixed. People say this day is quite hard, but anyway, I won’t have any problem with the English part, guess why, and you know I handle pressure quite well (thanks Dad…), so it’ll be just fine. So I hope. Let’s just wait and see.
And about the family. Well, this part is getting harder for me. Poor Vincent has to stay with the parents. Well, I tried to bring him home a bit, but as Martin started to get nude in frond of him, and the first guest of the night arrived, I found out it was no such a good idea. I just locked him up in my room and brought hi back to the parents’ the day after. Speaking about Mum, she’ not that well, still the purple scarf on her head, and I saw her yesterday, she was just out from her chemo. It’s getting worse. Well, the cancer is getting away, slowly, but she’s so tired, you can see all that on her features, though she keeps trying to hide it.
Plus, there’s something about dad. I don’t know if it’s the right time to tell you about that but you have to know. Dad is going to court. A girl he seems to have met last year is suing him for sexual harassment. She’s asking for quite a lot of money (Dad doesn’t want to speak about it). He might also risk prison as she was underage. Mum doesn’t speak about it. I don’t know much more about that. Better not to speak about it to Granny, plus Vincent doesn’t know about it. Sorry for the bad news.
I miss you.
Speak to you soon.
Answer me!
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Fragment #30 – Sweet kisses from France
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