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 Fragment #4 - Magic Present

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MessageSujet: Fragment #4 - Magic Present   05.01.09 0:23

Monday, December 29th 2008
in Glasgow

I don't want to let her go. Not even to let her go to the toilet. I missed her so much. I was so worried.
After she showed up at my door, like some kind of late Christmas magic present, we let the officer check the flat, and then he leaves. I take my time and, slowly, strikes her face with my fingers. I try to memorize every single detail of her, wishing at the same time not to be parted from her ever again. Delicately, I move closer to her, and kiss her lips. I just want to taste her, to get a proof that it's real and not another one of my dreams. But she seems hungrier than even I am, and she starts taking my clothes off. Soon, I'm standing in the middle of the living room, only wearing my boxer shorts. I can feel my heart beating in my chest, it's going so fast. I look at her. I look at Charlie, my love. The last barrier of control drops, and I tear off her t-shirt and trousers, as if they were made of paper. We lay down on the floor, and I make love to her, as if it was the only thing in the world that matters. As if it was the last time ever. As if she was the only woman on the planet, and I, the only man. As if...

I lay there, on the floor, my eyes closed. I'm just happy there, laying on the cold floor, her in my arms. Her warmth is the only point of reality that I want to keep. Slightly earlier, I went to unplug the phone and to lock the door. She is here, with me, and I don't want anybody to disturb this blessed moment. She moves slowly her head against my shoulder. At first, I thought she was getting comfy, but soon, my skin gets all wet. She is crying. I move a little myself, and make her look at me. Her watery blue eyes look straight into my soul, deep down, as if they were searching for a failure, a mistake. I keep the contact, and accept the test. After a little while, she sights and puts her face back against my chest.
"I'm cold, Steve."
I don't even answer. Slowly, I get up. I take her in my arms, and carry her as a groom would carry his bride to the wedding bed. There, she goes under the covers, and waits for me to lay down before coming back in the same position.
I have at least a hundred questions coming now through my head, but I don't really want to ask them. I wish we could forget everything that just happen, all the last two months. But we can't.
"I think I'm going to sleep now, honey."
"Sure. Rest."
"Stay here, ok? I... I don't want to sleep alone."
"I will not move an eyelash, Charlie. I promise."
She closes her eyes, and after a couple of minutes, her breathing has taken that rythm which I know to be the one of her sleeping. I turn my head to the window, and watch the new dawn rising.
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Fragment #4 - Magic Present
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