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 Fragment #5 - Little fish, big fish

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MessageSujet: Fragment #5 - Little fish, big fish   05.01.09 1:27

Tuesday, April 1st 2008
In Glasgow

I’m sitting at my desk, Camie at his, planning the next couple of articles, when there is a knock on the door. I answer without looking up, and when I do, I see Bob in the centre of the room. He doesn’t seem in a hurry, looking here and there at the notes on the wall. He is quite tall, with broad shoulders. He wears as usual a nice dark suit, with a white, slightly blue, shirt and a convincing blue and red tie. I can see his eyes frowning behind the screens of his glasses, as he tries to read some of the smallest papers. I call him out.
He comes to my desk and sits down in front of me.
“How are you doing Charlie?”
“Well, I’m good, er… And yourself?”
“Yeah, yeah, I’m good.”
He stays silent for a while, and then suddenly:
“Charlie, I’ve got some special news for you. We open a “Foreigners living in Glasgow” page in the paper, and I’d like to you to be in charge of it. You will have to decide of the themes, the subjects, the number of articles, pictures or not. And also, to write a little text every week for it. You can keep your cinema chronicle if you want. And the boss said that he will like you to give us a couple of hints to prepare the opening of that new page. The best would be through an editorial, but …”
He eventually looks at me.
“What do you think?”
I give a quick look at Cameron. He has got a bright smile on his face, and nods at me.
“I think I need a bit of time.”
“I understand.”
Cameron seems a bit disappointed.
“I want Cameron with me. And Giulia and Daniel as well.”
“Granted. You would need to choose a photograph soon, as well.”
“We’ll see. I didn’t say yes, yet…”
He stands up, and so do I.
“Of course, you will both have a pay raise…”
I shake his hand.
“I have not agreed yet, Bob.” I smile. “But it does sound very appealing.”
“Good afternoon, Charlie. Bye Cameron.”
And he leaves the room, closing the door behind him. Silence. And then, after a few seconds, Cameron jumps out of his seat.
“Woo, promoted!!! Did you hear that Charlie? I can’t believe it!!! Come on, we go celebrate.”
“Hey, I didn’t say yes yet.”
“Oh, come on, try that on Bob, but not on me!!”
Before I know what’s happening, I have my jacket on, my bag on the shoulder, and I’m out my office in the corridor, waiting for Cameron to come back with Giulia and Daniel. Once they’ve joined us, we leave the building behind the Buchanan Galleries and head to the Walkabout, an Australian bar. On the way, I take my phone out, and while slaloming in between the crowd on Sauchiehall Street, send a text to Sasha.
Just got news from Bob. Asked me to take a new page in charge. We’re celebrating at the W. You coming? Love, C.
A couple of minutes later, I hear the ringtone of my phone.
You bet!!! On my way. Congrats! S.
It’s 8:15 pm, and we’re going to party.
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Fragment #5 - Little fish, big fish
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