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 Fragment # 16 - A guy from the States can change your life

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MessageSujet: Fragment # 16 - A guy from the States can change your life   05.01.09 12:09

Monday, April 21st 2008
In Glasgow

The sun is away today, but that suits my mood in a way. I wasn’t able to focus all day, and now I feel both scared and happy to see Steve. What does he want? I quickly text Sasha to postpone our girlie afternoon. She answers back saying that she was about to text to say the same thing: Mickael is taking her out. Here you go, and everybody is happy. On the way to the bar, I first think of calling Paul. But then, I realise I would have nothing to say. I put my headphones on instead, but it becomes soon obvious that I can’t listen to music either. I’m so nervous, what’s wrong with me? It’s not the first time I’m going to have a drink with Steve. We met when we were at uni, so having drinks was our daily activity… There is something else today. I need to talk to you. What is this all about?
I am walking down Ashton Lane now. Here, the blue sign, Brel, I’m in. After a quick look around, I check my watch. I’m a bit early, that’s why Steve is not here. I go up to the bar and order a half pint of Hoegaarden. I then find a seat in the glasshouse at the back. If I remember well, he still smokes. I put my back against the wall, and cross my legs. I start slowly to relax. I close my eyes. I could almost fall asleep…

Moi je t'offrirai
Des perles de pluie
Venues de pays
Où il ne pleut pas
Je creuserai la terre
Jusqu'après ma mort
Pour couvrir ton corps
D'or et de lumière
Je ferai un domaine
Où l'amour sera roi
Où l'amour sera loi
Où tu seras reine
Ne me quitte pas
Ne me quitte pas

Brel is singing just for me. Nobody else in the glasshouse. Would I say yes to a man like Brel? I don’t know. I don’t really want to have someone in my life. I miss it in a way, yes, but then again, I feel good just by myself…
A kiss on my cheek. I open my eyes. Here is Steve.
“Hello, you.”
“Hi, Steve.”
“How are you?”
“I’m good, thanks, and you?”
“Yeah, I’m alright.”
Silence. I don’t really know what to say. And since he wanted to talk to me, why doesn’t he talk? I look at him. His face is quite masculine, with eyes of that warm color of dead leaves. His whole silhouette is quite masculine, with broad shoulders. I just remember that he is a fencer. It makes me think of Beth, his girlfriend, who he met through his sport. They had an engagement party e few months ago. I didn’t go, too hard.
“Er… You must wonder why I send you that text…”
“Indeed, you are very mysterious.”
“Well… Beth left me.”
I get the impact in the stomach. What? I didn’t expect that. I must have dreamed it.
“What? What happened?”
“She… She met someone. A guy from the States, an architect. They were working on the same project… Apparently, she already knew him before the engagement party…”
He looks at me, his eyes bright with contained tears.
“Charlie, I feel terrible.”
Me too, Steve. You were the only couple that hurt me and made me happy at the same time, because you knew my fallen couple… Why do we have to suffer like that?
“But maybe, it’s just an affair, and she is going to come back…”
“No, she is not. And even if she was, I couldn’t have her back. I don’t want to see her ever again. It hurts too much…”
He’s crying now. I don’t see it because I’m not looking at him in the face and that, anyway he has got his hands on his face, but I can feel it.
“I’m sorry, Steve, I really am. What can I do to help you?”
“Well, the flat was hers, so… I don’t have anywhere to live. I stayed at my brother Joe’s last night but it’s definitively not a solution.”
Steve and his brother don’t really go along with each other.
“Ok, Steve, you come and stay at my place. Come on, let’s get the car, and I’ll go and pick up your stuff.”
I get up, look at my unfinished beer. He stands up as well, and gives me a big hug.
“Thanks Charlie. I… You… Thank you.”
“It’s ok, Steve, let’s go, you need some rest.”
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Fragment # 16 - A guy from the States can change your life
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