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 Fragment # 33 - Men in my life

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MessageSujet: Fragment # 33 - Men in my life   05.01.09 12:23

Wednesday, July 16th 2008
in Glasgow

I finish to type up my editorial. A couples of lines, and I'm off. Cameron is on holidays, so only Giulia and Daniel are around. Oh, and that photographer as well. I think his name is Jake. He doesn't talk much. He comes from Norwich in England. I still wonder what an English guy is doing here, in our savage country.
Knock knock on the door.
"Come in."
Talking of the devil, here he comes.
"Hi, Jake, you alright?"
"Hi, Miss Collomb. I'm fine, thank you. Yourself?"
I'm a bit startled by the use of my surname.
"Not too bad, thank you. How can I help you?"
"Well, I'm planning this series of photos on Kelvingrove Museum, and I was wondering if you would mind coming with me to help me choose the best items..."
"Hum, no, sure. When are you going there?"
"Tomorrow afternoon."
"Ok, let's meet at 3 at the entrance?"
"It works for me. See you tomorrow."
And he leaves my office.

What a strange little man. But again, I might seem strange to him too. I'm a multi-national geek, speaking three languages, almost living in three countries at the same time. He's got something about him though... I don't know, but he's really weird. As if he knew something I have to know, but he doesn't want to acknowledge that he knows it.
Oh my god, Charlie, come on, stop day-dreaming...

I'm back home, going through the post mails... Bank, bank, bill, newspaper. Nothing interesting. I try not to show it too much, but I miss Steve. And I didn't have news from him in the last week. I think he's somewhere in Hungaria.
Alright, let's go on the computer. I have a quick look at the pile of draft papers and jotters that are meant to be a novel and turn the computer on. Internet. Hotmail. You have a message. Steve...
Open the message.
Hey hon.
I miss you so much. The weather here is nice but it will make so much more sense to me if you were here to enjoy this beautiful country with me... The guys are great, they've achieved so much. I'm really proud of them. Hungaria is a great country. The people are so welcoming and friendly.
If only you were here with me...
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Fragment # 33 - Men in my life
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