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 Fragment #38 - Days of tenderness

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MessageSujet: Fragment #38 - Days of tenderness   05.01.09 12:27

Sunday, August 10th 2008
in Glasgow

I open my eyes, and stretch a little bit. By doing that, I touch gently Steve's head. He's still fast asleep. I turn around to face him, and I take a good look at him. I wouldn't say that he is the most beautiful guy on the planet, but he is gorgeous still. Especially when he is asleep. He's got that look about him, at peace, relaxed. I put my hand gently on his cheek. I don't want to wake him up... I take my arm back under the duvet, it's a bit chilly out there. My thoughts go back over the last two days.
Days of tenderness... I did cook a nice meal, for the both of us. And I did go to the spa. But when I came back, Steve was waiting for me with a surprise. He was seating on the sofa, a cup of coffee in his hand, reading the papers. I sat down next to him, and kissed lightly on the lips.
"Hey you."
"You alright?"
"Humm..." He drank a bit of coffee. "Charlie, I was wondering..."
"Your favourite color is still green?"
"Yeah, why?"
He leant forward and grabbed a box...

I turn my head and look at the beautiful green dress laying on the chair, where I left it after trying it on, yesterday night. It's made of satin, it's... It's wonderful. I have no idea when I'm going to wear it, but it looks amazing. I turn once more to Steve, a smile on my face. I blush a little, remembering the last couple of nights. Nothing happened, but tenderness, hugs and kisses.

Steve opens his eyes.
"Good morning, my beauty...", he whispers.

Yes... I wonder if I'm not falling for him...
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Fragment #38 - Days of tenderness
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