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 Fragment #48 - Paul's instructions

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MessageSujet: Fragment #48 - Paul's instructions   05.01.09 14:06

Saturday, October 4th 2008
in Glasgow

I check the car behind me, and take the exit for the airport. Next to me, Emma is getting a bit nervous. She's got one of my scarves on her eyes. I give a quick look at Steve sitting at the back. He's all smiling. I can see he is enjoying the instructions that my brother ask me to follow to come and pick him up... But was it necessary?
I take the first roundabout and then the second one. I drive up the road to the car park and find an empty space. Emma can feel the car stop, and turns her head towards me.
"Are we there?"
"Yes, the mystery will be revealed in a few minutes..."
Steve gets out, and opens her door.
"Majesty..." he says with a bow and a smile. Emma giggles lightly, but I know that she's really nervous. And who would not be?!!! I'm not sure I would have trust anyone enough to let them take me to some unknow destination with some material blinding me... Steve looks at me. Maybe only Steve could do that...
I take one of Emma's arms and Steve takes the other. We walk slowly towards the big entrance doors. By luck, no plane comes flying by at that moment. Steve takes a moment to explain the situation to a security guard who looks quite upset by the look of it. After a little while, he lets us go through. We're slightly late, though, now, so we walk quite quickly towards the international arrivals.
We wait there for a couple of minutes. Emma starts noticing things: the anouncements through the radios, the noise... Suddenly, a crowd walks down the stairs at the bottom of which we are waiting. I can soon see my brother's hair, and jacket, coming out and rushing towards us. With a finger on his lips in a sign to be quiet, he gives me a kiss on the cheek and shakes Steve's hand. He then stands in front of Emma, which breathing has quickened. Slowly, trying not to touch her, he takes the scarf off her eyes. As soon as she recognizes him, she screams and jumps on him. They start kissing calmly, first, and then, more and more furiously.
Steve comes and takes my hand and we walk back to the car, me and him, slowlier and behind the young couple. My brother and Emma, so happy that they shine.
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Fragment #48 - Paul's instructions
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