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 Fragment #60 - Phone call to France

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MessageSujet: Fragment #60 - Phone call to France   05.01.09 14:23

Saturday, October 18th 2008
in Dakar

I get up from the bed, and use one of the towels to cover my naked body. I walked a little in the room, and then turn around to look at Steve. He lies on the bed, the covers up to his waist. His hand holds his head. His eyes are on me, stroking me, almost stripping me out of my clothes. Clothes that I am not wearing by the way. I come back to the bed, and slowly kiss him. He doesn’t even move, and just enjoys the touch. His other hand pulls me closer to him.
“Hum… Honey, I really need to call my dad…”
“But… hum… come on… It’s too early.”
I give up, and let myself fall on the mattress. As soon as I lie down, Steve leans forward and kisses me gently, his hands on my breasts. I moan, unable to keep control of the sensations he awakens. He brushes his fingers on my thighs. I open them even without knowing it, leading him in me.

“La réception, Selbé à votre service. Que puis-je faire pour vous?”
“Bonjour, Selbé, je suis en chambre1456 et je voudrais commander quelque chose à manger, s’il vous plaît.”
“Bien sûr, que désirez-vous mademoiselle?”
I look at Steve and mime with my mouth ‘what would you like”.
“Hum, some biscuits and cakes. And some fruit juice.”
“Quite well-balanced, as always…” Back in the phone. “Je voudrais des gâteaux et des biscuits, et deux bouteilles de jus de fruits. Merci beaucoup. Ah, et je souhaiterais passer en appel en France.”
“Bien sûr. Quel est le numéro, je vous prie ?”
I give her my parents’ number in Paris.
“Je vous transfère l’appel.”
“Merci, Selbé, bonne journée.”

“Hi Daddy !”
“Charlotte, how are you ? Where are you?”
“I’m in Dakar, Dad.”
“What are you doing there?”
I laugh.
“I’m on holiday, Dad. Listen, and that’s the reason I call you for. Steve and I saw a guy get arrested for a robbery. He’s French, and apparently innocent. So I call in a couple of favours that you said I could use in the French Embassy.”
“Oh.” A moment of silence.
“What is it, Dad?”
“Well, when I said that you could use them, I didn’t know that you would actually use them… Who did you talk to?”
“Madame Delancourt.”
“Sibylle? How is she?”
“Just great. She said to say hi to you, and to tell you that I have your spirit. Whatever that means.”
“Charlie, did you know that man at all?”
“Er… No, not really.”
“Why do you do that then?”
“I don’t know. I just felt that it was unfair. And that I should use all those connections, as he didn’t have any.”
“Hum… So basically, you called me to tell me that you took advantage of our connections in Dakar to get a guy out, whom you don’t know and are not even sure if he’s guilty or innocent.”
I look at Steve. He shrugs his shoulders, in a way of saying “I told you it was a bad idea.”
“Look, Dad. I just wanted to keep you informed. And also to say that I did everything you said I should do if I was to come to Dakar. And I really enjoyed it.”
“Ok, love, look, I’m sorry. I’m happy you’re enjoying your time there. Promise me to call again. And to come and see us with Steve. Please?”
“Alright, alright, Papa. I love you. Give a hug to Mum for me.”
“We love you too, take care, and greetings to Steve.”
I hang up, and at the same time, someone knocks at the door: “Room service”. I let Steve getting up and getting the food. I’m hungry. Hungry of food. But also hungry of Steve. Hungry of justice, peace and love. So deeply hungry of Steve…
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Fragment #60 - Phone call to France
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