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 Fragment #71 - In my car

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MessageSujet: Fragment #71 - In my car   05.01.09 14:35

Wednesday, November 5th 2008
on the road between Inverness and Glasgow

I’m driving on the highway. It’s about ten o’clock, and I just learnt through the radio that Obama is to be the next President of the United States. The sun comes out behind the clouds and I realise how important is our time. I’m alive in the years that witness the biggest changes of our century. I feel the urge to write. But I’m driving. And anyway I know that these sentences in my head will stay there until I start typing them on my computer. As soon as I arrive at the office. The office. The job. Glasgow.

It makes me think of where I come from today. Last night has been slightly weird, me dinning with Steve and his parents. As his girlfriend. Joseph and Victoria were absolutely charming, but it was disturbing not to know really what was my status…
After the nice evening, I went to bed. Alone. I fell asleep listening to the wind playing in the trees. In the middle of the night, Steve woke me up by joining me in the bed and kissing me.
“I thought I could stay away from you, but I couldn’t sleep…” he whispered. “It seems that you don’t have that problem.”
“That’s only because I was already with you, in my dreams”, I whispered back.
And we went back to sleep together.

When I woke up this morning, he was gone. But in my heart, he was still there. I passed my hand on the mattress next to me, and it was still warm. I got up, and had a quick shower. When I got down, my bag ready to go, Victoria jumped on me and ordered me to have a breakfast. And, I had to have a real Scottish breakfast: two sausages, beans, tomatoes, mushrooms, eggs, bacon. I didn’t even know my stomach could contain that much. After that, I got ready to leave. No sign of Steve anywhere. I was starting to wonder if last night’s visit wasn’t just a dream. I packed up and said goodbye to Victoria and Joseph. Suddenly, when I least expected him, he jumped out of behind my car and offered me a bunch of wild flowers. He gave me a kiss and said in a whisper:
“Drive safely, honey. Take care of yourself. See you in two days, I promise.”
I hugged him and answered: “I love you. Come back quickly.”

I take the exit and after a dozen of minutes, park my car in the newspapers’ parking space. Let the work begin.
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Fragment #71 - In my car
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