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 Fragment #72 - Dakar hasn't forgotten me

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MessageSujet: Fragment #72 - Dakar hasn't forgotten me   05.01.09 14:36

Thursday, November 6th 2008
in Glasgow

My editorial has been accepted late yesterday and it’s on the front page today. I’m so proud. All my thoughts there on the paper. It’s me. My name at the bottom of the article. I had the chance to express to the world what this big event made me feel. I put the article cut-out in an envelope and send it to my mother. Now, she won’t be able to say anything about me. Giulia puts it with the other stuff to send and I grab the phone.

“Hi, Kyna, it’s Charlie Collomb.”
“Oh, hi, Charlie. How are you? How was Dakar?”
“Grand, just grand. Listen, what about meeting up at some point before the weekend?”
“Yeah, sure, tonight, if you’re free.”
“Perfect. Where should we meet?”
“Well, you can come to my place if you want.”
“Er, are you sure? I don’t want to disturb…”
“No, I promise, it’ll be fine. My flatmate Luke will be there, but he’s a nice guy, don’t worry.”
“Ok, then, what time do you want me to drop by?”
“All right, see you there then.”
“See ya.”

I pick up the phone after it has ringed a couple of times.
“Hello, am I speaking to Miss Charlotte Collomb?”
“Hello, Miss Collomb, Mrs Delancourt speaking.”
“Oh, hello, how are you?”
“I’m good, thank you. Yourself?”
“Very well thank you.” I smile. “To what do I owe the pleasure of your call?”
“Not to very good news, I’m afraid.” Her tone is ice-cold.
“What do you mean?”
“Well, you remember M. Abou, the gentleman who was the starter of the case we had during your stay?”
“Yes, what about him?”
“Well, he was found dead yesterday morning. He was shot.”
“I’m sorry to hear that, but, with all due respect, how does his death concern me?”
“It does because when the police searched his house, they found, hidden in a safe, a whole file on you, Miss Collomb. And also pictures.”
I’m voiceless. I swallow, which seems to take a year.
“What does that mean, Mrs Delancourt?!”
“I do not know, Miss Collomb. But if I were you, I’ll contact your father and see at your immediate safety.”
“Thank you…”
“Take care of yourself, Miss Collomb. The Senegalese embassy might send someone to get your deposition.”
“Of course, of course…”
“Charlie? Charlie!”
“Don’t give up to fear. That will be playing their game.”
“But whose game?!!!!”
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Fragment #72 - Dakar hasn't forgotten me
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