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 Fragment #84 - Thoughts

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MessageSujet: Fragment #84 - Thoughts   05.01.09 14:46

Wednesday, November 26th 2008

Waiting. That's all I can do here. They took my watch away. I don't even have that reassuring sound of the minutes' hand moving around the clock. I haven't seen anybody, apart from a person with a mask earlier on, who brought me some food and then took everything away. Didn't say a word, neither did I.
To pass the time, I think. At first, I didn't. My mind was just blank. And then, little by little, movies came back to my head. Films about hostages. About how they got out of there. And that gave me a little of my courage back. But then, I thought about those articles and reports of real hostages. The ones that didn't make it. And were found too late. Or even never. And that... That took away almost all the courage I had inside me.
That's when I heard her voice. With the last sentence she said to me the last time we talked.

"Don't give up to fear. That will be playing their game."

Mrs Delancourt. She knew. Maybe it's her. Maybe it's because of Dad. I don't know. What I do know, is that they need me alive for now. And that last good news warms up my spirit. A little. Only a little.
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Fragment #84 - Thoughts
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