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 Fragment #90 - Poor body

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MessageSujet: Fragment #90 - Poor body   05.01.09 14:54

Tuesday, December 2nd 2008

Two hands pull me up. I have no strenght, no will left. I can't feel anything, any part of my body. Do I still have a body? The hands make me sit back on the chair. I can guess more than I can see, the silhouette of my tormentor in front of me. Miss Mancabou hasn't quite finished with me. Next to her, sitting on the table, it seems to be another character. Maybe Rozia? I believe he would take pleasure watching this fight...
I have no will, but I haven't spoken. The thing is, I don't really know what they want me to say. And, thinking about it, I am not sure I actually know what they think I know.
The woman punches me in the stomach, and I spit some blood on her face.
I don't think she wants me to speak. Maybe her usual punching-ball is on strike or on holidays... Now I'm smiling and that gets slightly on her nerves. She roars of spite.
"What are you smiling at?"
I cough a bit after the punch she gave me on the jaw.
"Well... Certainly not yourself. You're not exactly the most enjoyable person I've ever met..."
She stops me by a nice uppercut on the left side. I could hear one of my ribs cracking its malcontent...
"Enough!" A masculine voice interrupts our little party. "Enough, Veronique. You are going to kill her."
"And what if I want to?" she answers.
"Tsss... My young lady, come on. Behave yourself. You know that would not serve our interests..."
The man turns himself towards me. He looks at me for a while and then says: "Take her back to her cell. Ask Ali to come and check her... And for God's sake, give her a shower!"
And conveniently enough, I faint.
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Fragment #90 - Poor body
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