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 Fragment #91 - Seeing them

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MessageSujet: Fragment #91 - Seeing them   05.01.09 14:56

Wednesday, December 3rd 2008

I'm on the beach. It's any beach really. The sea is blue. Any blue. Any sea. I'm alone. I walk, enjoying the simple feeling of the sand under my feet. I'm wearing a simple white top and a green skirt. In my left hand, I carry my black shoes. The sky is quite grey, but there is no thread of rain. I hear my name, and turn around to see Mum, Dad, Paul and Daniel, his family, and Steve, standing next to the little house on the dune. I walk towards them. I stop a couple of meters away from them.
My dad looks at me and says: "Where were you? We looked for you everywhere."
"I don't know Dad. I..." I look t his angry face. "I didn't know where I was."
I turn to Steve.
"Honey, why did you go away? Why did you abandon me?"
"I didn't abandon you, Steve! I was kidnapped!!" I feel so bad. Why don't they want to understand? Steve looks so sad and disappointed... So do they all, actually... I start crying and they all turn around and walk away.
I'm left there, all alone. Alone, watching them leaving me. Suddenly I look around and realise that the sky has gone dark grey, almost black. It's cold now. A strong wind rises, and the sand starts flying around. Soon, I can't even see them. I run to the little house and hide in there.

I look around me. I'm back in my cell, my back against the door. I don't know if I'm tired, relieved, upset, sad... It was an hallucination. Just an hallucination.
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Fragment #91 - Seeing them
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