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 Fragment #96 - Is she dead?

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MessageSujet: Fragment #96 - Is she dead?   05.01.09 15:00

Thursday, December 11th 2008

"Excuse me?"
I knock on the door again, and say it a little louder.
"Excuse me!"
The door finally opens. The guy I believe to be Frank stands there looking at me as if it's the first time he sees a woman.
"I want to talk to Rozia."
The gorilla looks at me from head to toes. I just noticed his gun, in a hoslter under his arm. He stares at me for a second or two, and then says: "First, it's Mr Rozia. And, second, you will talk to him, when he is ready to."
And he closes the door. Damn it! Shit. I'm starving. The clothes they gave me are too big for me but they look strangely familiar. As if they were mine in another life.
I sit down on the bed. I try to stay optimistic but with that new life in me, I only feel and follow one thing: maternal instinct. And that instinct tells me that if I don't eat, my baby will be in trouble. And so will I, by the by.
I decide to focus on something else. But I have to occupy my mind so that it wont listen to my body crying for aliments. What can I do? I have to think carefully though, because of my choice will also depend what my enemies will learn of my current mood. Fro example, singing a lullaby will directly lead them to the hint that I might be pregnant. And knowing them, I doubt they'll be more understanding with a pregnant mother. They'll probably rather use it against me, or whoever they are against at the minute.
I didn't have any visit yesterday. I suppose Rozia managed to calm Veronique down.
At the very second I formulate this thought in my mind, a key turns in the keyhole of my door, and Rozia comes in. I get up, and stretch my arms forward so that he can attach them with the handcuffs, as usual. He smiles and turns to Frank.
"Two minutes, Frank. If I don't do the signal, burst in."
"Sure, Mr Rozia."
Frank closes the door and here I am, alone with my tormentor number one. The psychological one. The one I know I must be careful with. He seems to know a lot about me, about my dad, even about Veronique and that Abou guy.
He sits down on the chair. With his left hand, he brushes his trousers to take imaginary dust off them. He finally looks at me.
"Hello, Charlie."
Oh. No Miss Collomb today. Change of status, sweetheart. Careful, might be a trap.
"How do you feel today?"
Wow, I'm impressed. We did a lot of progress on the politeness of conversation.
"I'm afraid I have some news to give to you."
I am not. You only come to me to give me news. It's called manipulation. I know that very well, I'm fighting it every day as a journalist.
"Miss Mancabou left us yesterday."
Oh. Silence. She left us?... What? She dead? Good!!! Hum, probably not though. Ok, let's check.
"What do you mean? Is she dead?"
"No, of course not. She just realised that she couldn't get what she wanted and decided to leave and go home to resume her work at her dad's company."
Sure, and I'm Queen Elisabeth II.
"Well, I'm very sorry to hear that. She'll greatly missed."
He giggles.
"I doubt it, but you're right, in a way, she will be missed. Especially by you."
He gets up, knocks on the door. Frank opens and stares at me. Rozia gets out and says, just before the door closes: "By the way, I know you didn't kill Mr Mancabou."
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Fragment #96 - Is she dead?
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