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 Fragment #100 - Two long minutes

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MessageSujet: Fragment #100 - Two long minutes   05.01.09 15:03

Sunday, December 21st 2008

Two gunshots. I sit down on my bed. What is going on? Another two shots. The door opens. Frank comes in, followed closely by Rozia and White. They all have guns in their hands. White grabs my arm and pulls me up.
"Move, now."
Rozia turns towards the door, where Frank stayed in cover.
"How does it look Frank?"
"Ok, Mr Rozia."
"Ok, let's go."
Frank gets out, then Rozia. White pushes me outside and walks closely behind me. We run down a corridor. I run but I don't know why. Weirdly enough, I feel I should, by all means possible, stay with them, if I want to stay alive. I only have the time to think about the Stockolm Syndrom, before some shots fall around me. White pushes me to the floor.
Frank turns around and shoots towards the other building through the windows. His voice covered by the noise, I hear him shout.
"We can't stay here, we must leave."
"Ok, White'll go first with the girl, then you'll go and I'll be last. GO!"
No discussion. Just action.
We run down the corridor, stop at the first crossroads. Two doors on the left, three on the right, only one in front of us. White checks, right, left, and pushes me forward. We stop at the door, wait a couple of seconds for the others and then, White opens the door.

The next thing I know, I'm surrounded by shots, and guns. Suddenly, White grabs my t-shirt and half-pushes, half-pulls me towards the car. He puts me at the back and then sits at the front, on the driver seat. Rozia arrives and sits next to me. I can see he's wounded. Frank, finally, takes the passenger seat. The engine roars, Frank shots the garage door and we're off.

The whole thing took two minutes.
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Fragment #100 - Two long minutes
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