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 Fragment #7 - Out with folks

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MessageSujet: Fragment #7 - Out with folks   01.02.09 4:10

Saturday, January 31st 2009
in Glasgow

Out with my lot. We had dinner at the Crystal Palace. Nice cool place. A bit too "family" for me, but at least we could fit the little dozen of us in there. Vince got a chance as well to check on the results of the football matches. Luckyly for us and the general mood of the evening, the Rangers beat Dundee Ud quite easily 2-0. I was never too much into sports, apart from the fencing, so I never really understood that whole buzz around it. Vince is a nice chap though, and that's probably one of the very few things we don't totally agree on. He's a brilliant friend. Actually one of the few that I kept from uni. Surely enough working on the same place helped quite a lot. He's also one of the few who knows the whole 'Charlie' story. He was there when we met, when we made friends. He was there when she introduced us to Matthew. Matthew, the perfect guy. How much did I hate him and at the same time, loved him as a brother too! He made Charlie so happy... It was when she hooked up with him that I started feeling a bit odd about her. I think now that I didn't want to face the truth. Too painful. And she was so happy. And then, I met Beth, and she seemed perfect enough for me.
I shake my head, surprised somehow where my thread of thoughts has led me. Mary, walking by my side, turns her beautiful face to me.
"You alright?"
"Yeah, yeah, I was just thinking."
"What about?"
"Old friends and... new stories."
I smile. She smiles back, perfectly at ease.
"How's Charlie?"
"Oh, she's fine."
"Was she too tired to come tonight?"
I don't answer at first. I remind myself of today's afternoon. Charlie had been working on the computer for awhile when I eventually told her about tonight. I really wanted her to come but I didn't want her to come for me but for herself, to have some fun.
"Going out with you and your friends from work?"
"Yeah, it'll be fun. We're going to have dinner and then going out somewhere."
"What, in a club?"
"Yeah. I mean, maybe, nothing's written in stone."
"I don't know, Steve..."

Then she smiled of that half-sad, half-happy smile of hers, and said: "You go and enjoy yourself. Say hi to them for me." And the conversation was over.
I know she didn't sacrifice herself. And I know that it's not that she doesn't like my friend s either. It's just... I don't know.
I turn to Mary, who's waiting for an answer.
"She wasn't really up for it."
"Oh. I see."
What, Mary? What do you see? She must have read the question on my face, because she smiles and says: "It's alright, Steve, I know Charlie doesn't really like me. I understand."
Really? Could Charlie be acting out of jealousy? It doesn't sound like her at all, but those things happen now and again, to stronger couples that have been together longer than we have. So, it will be perfectly normal. And then again, Mary is really gorgeous, to be honest.
She doesn't have that delicacy and strength about her that I'm absoutely crazy about in Charlie. Stop. Don't do that. Don't start comparing them. It wouldn't be fair to neither of them.
After what I realise is a very long silence, I say to Mary: "I don't think that's the reason, Mary. But you know probably better than me how bad men are at understanding female reasons..."
Her laugh is like crystal bells.
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MessageSujet: Re: Fragment #7 - Out with folks   03.02.09 11:53

I really like discovering Steve and his own doubts, life and friends. Well done on giving him a real life, and not just the "Charlie's boyfriend"'s role!
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Fragment #7 - Out with folks
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