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 Fragment #116 - Welcome back

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MessageSujet: Fragment #116 - Welcome back   26.03.09 19:41

Thursday, March 26th 2009
in Glasgow

"Sir, believe me. Charlie has to come back."
"But you said yourself that it was too soon. That it would be risky for the paper..."
"I know, sir. But have you read her article? She's ready to come back."
A moment of silence.
"Very well. You take full responsability for this, Bob?"
"Yes sir."
"Well, then, it is sorted."
"Thank you sir."
"Ask her in."
Yeah. I wasn't in the office during that conversation but just outside, wishing I was small enough to go and hide somewhere. The door opens and Bob looks for me in the waiting area.
"Charlie, they're ready for you now."
In the room, are seating Mr Peel, the Editor of the Leisure Department, Mr Neal, the Editor-in-Chief of the Glasgow News, and of course, Bob, my editor. They show me a seat, and I can't refrain a sigh of relief when I get to sit. My belly is starting to get heavy...
"Good afternoon, Miss Collomb. How are you?"
"Thank you sir. I'm quite well."
"When should the baby arrive?"
"Oh, it should be a summer baby, Sir. The doctor says it's for the end of June."
Smiles. Why do people always smile when talking of babies?
"Well, now, miss Collomb. Bob showed us your article. He says that you're ready to come back to work. To be honest with you, we'll be more than glad to have you back. But we are concerned by your well-being and that of your baby."
"I understand that, sir, and I'm very thankful."
"We need, in order to take a decision, ask a few questions. Are you willing to answer them?"
"Of course, sir."
I can feel a little swift change in the atmosphere. I can breathe easilier and it seems that it is the case for Bob as well.
"Do you go to your sessions with the psychologist?"
"Yes, sir, every Monday afternoons."
"And do you intend to keep going to them?"
"Yes, sir. I must admit that at first, I wasn't sure of why I was sent there, because I didn't feel different. But after the couple of first sessions, I just felt better."
"Very good. Do you agree on keeping the timetable already set with Bob?"
"Yes, sir."
"On our side, miss, please feel free to come and tell one of us if you don't feel well. And of course, give us some notice when you'll go on maternity leave."
"Of course, sir, thank you."
"Welcome back, miss Collomb."

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MessageSujet: Re: Fragment #116 - Welcome back   27.03.09 23:57

Back only for a few months obviously
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MessageSujet: Re: Fragment #116 - Welcome back   28.03.09 11:57

I like the newpapers' people! I am glad she is back. And it would be better for her than just be home.
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MessageSujet: Re: Fragment #116 - Welcome back   

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Fragment #116 - Welcome back
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