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 Fragment #123 - Esthetic wonders

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MessageSujet: Fragment #123 - Esthetic wonders   08.01.10 2:49

Thursday, January 7th 2010
in Glasgow

I turn the computer off. I've been working for an hour straight now. Time for a break. I walk to Aidan's room, to check on him. That boy is amazing: meals on the clock, he sleeps as soon as you put him into bed... Let's hope he'll keep that good pattern. I pull the door, so that I don't wake him up cooking. Steve shouldn't be long now. He went running with Vince. He started wanting to get in good shape recently. I thought only new mums wanted to loose weight, but apparently it's also true of new fathers. I look at my reflection in the mirror. That said, maybe I should try to loose a few pounds. He didn't say anything, but I can feel it myself. My normal trousers are slightly too tight... Do I really need to do this? Before just now, I didn't even think about my weight. Well, let's not focus on it and go back to normal life before changing anything. After all, since I feel good the way I am...
"Hey honey!"
"Hey, Steve." That sweaty guy...
"I'm just gonna take a shower and I'll come and help."
"Ok, take your time."
I start getting the food out. Tonight, lasagna. I prepare the sauce, the veggie mix, cook the meat, mix everything, and set it in the dish. Everything in the oven, 20 minutes and it'll be ready. I get two wine glasses and the white wine out, and pour us a drink.
When Steve comes out of the bedroom, his hair still wet, I'm finishing setting the table for dinner. He comes in the kitchen, grabs the glasses and gives one while tasting the other.
"Hum, that's good wine, isn't it?"
"Yes it is."
"How was your afternoon?"
I turn away to finish the dressing of the salad and he comes right behind me setting his arms around my waist.
"Yeah, it was good. I put Aidan to put about an hour ago, so I had time to work on my book."
"Nice... Shouldn't he be awake by now?"
"No, the doctor said his teeth were starting to grow, so the more he sleeps now, the better."
"Ok..." Steve starts to gently kiss my neck. "You know..."
"I like your wee belly... It's sexy."

Problem solved.
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Fragment #123 - Esthetic wonders
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