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 Fragment #124 - Neist Point

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MessageSujet: Fragment #124 - Neist Point   28.03.10 18:11

Sunday, March 28th 2010
on the Isle of Skye
I walk all the way down the path, pass the lighthouse, the bed and breakfast, down to the water. I sit on the rocks, Aidan in my arms covered by several layers of clothes. I hear Steve's footsteps behind me, in the distance. He knows this is something I want to share with our son first. This place. I sit there for a while. Aidan is sleeping. The wind raises. It brings clouds out from Ireland. The cliffs are getting darker, the sea wilder. Nature. A storm. I hear the click of Steve's camera. He's taken back into his old hobby again. His photos are quite nice, for some truly beautiful. The sky thunders. There will be no rain. Not yet. We still have a couple of hours. Aidan slowly wakes up. My boy. I straighten him up and make him face the sea. I set my arms tight around him. I know he's not cold. The sea changes from blue to green, to grey, to black. The clouds leave and come back. The rocks around us shake and then stand still against the fury of the water. The white steam comes by flying around us. And there, in the center of Nature's display of strength, I hear my wee boy laugh. Yes, Aidan, learn to like this, to respect it. Nature is the greatest force of this world. I turn him towards me. He smiles at me and stretches out his arms. I hug him deeply. Steve seats next to us and joins in.
"So, Mummy, did the boy pass the test?"
"There was no test."
"I know." He pauses. "Yet, he seems to like it."
"Yes, I'm glad."
"So am I. Both of you look gorgeous here. I think I've got a couple of pretty good shots."
"Good enough to become famous?"
"Don't tease me, love, you never know" he says with a wink.
We remain silent for awhile, overwhelmed by the scenery before us. Finally, Aidan starts to windge.
"What is it?"
"I think he's getting cold. Let's go."
"Let me carry him. Give me my son a little."
"Alright Daddy, here you go."
And we climb up the road to the warmth and protection of the car.
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Fragment #124 - Neist Point
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