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 Fragment #4 - Lift test

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MessageSujet: Fragment #4 - Lift test   05.01.09 1:27

Monday, March 31st 2008
In Glasgow

The doors of the lift close slowly. My eyes do the same. I don’t like elevators. I think I’m slightly claustrophobic… Then, I realise that the box is actually not moving. Why? Because you didn’t push the button, that’s why. I open one eye and, very quickly, press my finger on the 3. And as the box finally moves, I close my eyes as tight as I could, trying to think of something else. A couple of minutes later, a little ding-dong indicates that I arrived at my destination. The doors open, so do my eyes, and I can see Cameron standing there, giggling.
“Hurray, you survived, once more.”
“Shut up!”
“Yes, and good morning to you too!”
I give him a poor smile. Still, I feel already a bit better. He knows I need something to make the test less dramatic. I give him a hug.
“How are you today, Camie?”
“I’m good, I’m good… Found a little darling at the party the other night.” He winks at me. “I told you, you should have come!”
“What’s her name?” I ask, heading to my office.
“Sara. She’s blond, with blue eyes. Really nice, really gentle…” He sits at his desk. “Paradise!” is his conclusion.
“Well, it’s great for you. Can we start the work now?”
“Aye captain!”
I sit down, and start opening and reading the letters set on my desk. Surprisingly enough, the sun is shining today. I can almost feel it on my back through the window. And then, that song comes back into my head… What was it again? A French song, from that French singer…
“Camie, do we have any CDs of Claude François, here?”
“Claude who?”
“François.” I stand up and walk to the corner of the room, where stands the stereo. “Do you mind, if I put some music on?”
“Not at all Princess, go ahead.”
I browse a bit, and eventually, find the Best of Claude François Paul offered me a couple of years ago.
Le Lundi au soleil. Play.
I go back to my desk, humming to the song. Let’s work!

It’s 5 o’clock. Tea time. I grab my bag, keys, and sunglasses. Bye bye Cameron, and off I am. Feeling a bit sporty, I use the stairs, rather than the lift. Once in the street, I head for Eleganza Sposa, the wedding dress shop in which my friend Sasha works. Monday is our day. I get in and stand by the door for a while. I quite like this place. There is a mixture of different feelings in the atmosphere: anticipation, excitement, fear, joy, happiness, patience, beauty. I move slowly through the room, stroke one or two dresses on the way. One of the shop assistants comes to me, asking me if I want some help. I smile at her, and tell her I’m here to see Sasha. She heads back to the counter, and using the phone, calls my friend at the top floor. A couple of minutes later, we leave the shop, and enter the nearest pub.
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Fragment #4 - Lift test
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