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 Fragment #8 - Peace

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MessageSujet: Fragment #8 - Peace   11.02.09 12:31

Monday, February 9th 2009
in Glasgow

It's about 10. We're sitting on the sofa, facing the tv, but none of us is actually watching it, I think. I can hear Charlie breathing slowly, as if she was sleeping. I stay there, going over my day, and then, over the last week. I like the feeling, these days. It feels like peace. I'm not sure it's going to last but I'll enjoy it as much as I can, while I can.
I remember the phone call this afternoon. Mom is just going crazy. Everyday, she adds up a couple more people to be invited to the wedding. Just because they might have been in my S1 class, doesn't make them my friends. I guess she is just happy. My dad takes it much more practically. I can still recall that afternoon, when I told him about me marrying Charlie. We were fishing, as usual, and it was all quiet. At one point, I felt that it was the perfect moment to tell him. I'd deal with Mom later. Without looking at him, I said:
"I'm getting married."
There was a pause. I didn't look up.
"It's good, son. She's a great person."
I smiled.
"Just a hint, though, son."
"Yes, Dad?"
I turned to face him. He winked at me.
"Always let her make the decisions! For your own peace of mind..." And we laughed.
Later that day, I told Mom and Joe. Joe shrugged his shoulders, but I wasn't expecting much more of him. And Mom started crying. Of course. Mom's such a cliché...
I giggle a little in the dark at that memory and Charlie moans and moves slightly closer. Yes, she's asleep. I turn my head to look at her face. People are so right to say that pregnant women shine. Mine is there, laying next to me on the couch, and she never seemed more beautiful to me than in this instant.
Carefully, I wrap my arms around her and carry her to the bed. Once I've made sure she's all comfy and warm under the blanket, I sit down, and watch her. I could watch her sleep all night. After a little while, I kneel down on the floor and set my head against her belly. I can't hear anything yet, but just touching the shape makes me shiver.

And after about an hour, I undress, and join her in the bed.
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Fragment #8 - Peace
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