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 Fragment #14 - How is she?

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MessageSujet: Fragment #14 - How is she?   10.03.09 3:35

Monday, March 9th 2009
in Glasgow

"I'm going to say yes, of course. I really enjoyed it last time. And it's nice to meet new people, don't you think?"
And the phone ring. Saved by the bell. I didn't want to have to answer, because I don't think what' I 'd like to answer will please her.
No, Charlie. I don't think meeting new people is always nice. Look at Jake... Ok, no, that is definitively the right thing to say.
I get the phone, while Charlie starts typing her answer.
"Hello, Steve, it's Jules."
"Oh, hi, Sir Collomb. How are you?"
"I'm well thank you Steve. You?"
"Yeah, I'm fine. Your wife?"
"Yes, yes" he says impatiently. "How is she?"
"She is doing ok, sir. She still does have some nightmares and Bob still refuses to let her go to work. I think that's actually making more damages than the whole story, but apparently, Big Boss said to do so."
"And how is she... towards me?"
"To be honest with you, sir, we don't talk about you and Mrs Collomb much. Charlie doesn't bring up the subject, and I don't feel comfortable enough to talk about it myself."
"I see." There is a moment of silence. "Put her on the phone."
"Are you sure, sir?" I can hear his voice trembling.
"Yes. And be kind enough to leave us alone, please. It is not that I don't want you to hear whatever she says to me, but I know that your presence will influence her, and I want to get her true feelings."
"Very well, sir. Good bye then."
"Good bye, Steve."
I go to Charlie and give her the phone after whispering "Your father", and then leave to the bathroom.

I stay there, sitting on the bathtub for ages. After a while, I listen through the door, and can only hear music. I go back to the bath, and open the taps. When I'm sure the water is the right temperature, I go to the little cupborad and get the candles out. I display them and light them up. When all is ready, I get out, walk straight to Charlie and lift her out of her chair. She's crying, but I don't stop. I carry her to the bathroom, and set her standing on the carpet. I start kissing her slowly to stop the crying. She eventually calms down, and answer my kisses. Then, taking my time, I undress her, undress myself and take her hand to lead her in the bath. We lay down, her on top of me.
"Honey, don't talk about it just now. Let's get your stress out first."
I hug her tightly, and whisper in her ear: "Nothing matters, my love. Just you and me. For now, just you and me..."
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MessageSujet: Re: Fragment #14 - How is she?   10.03.09 3:44

This fragment is very touching. The title ghoes very well with the rest of it, and we get lots of elements about how Steve is dealing with Charlie, her feelings, how he sees her... (By the way: I want the same one at home. Please.)

Well done on the dad. I don't like him very much as a person (but definitly as character, highly interesting).
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Fragment #14 - How is she?
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