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 Fragment #10 - Bath thoughts

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MessageSujet: Fragment #10 - Bath thoughts   05.01.09 12:05

Friday, April 11th 2008
In Glasgow

I open the taps. While the water is running, I get undressed in the bedroom. I’m treating myself with a bath tonight. When I come back in the bathroom, the steam is all over the windows and the mirror. I’m about to get into the water but I realize that the apartment is silent. No way, I can’t have a bath without music. I go in the living-room, straight to the stereo and turn it on. I pick up one of my CDs and press play. Then, back to the bathroom. Finally, I drop the towel on the floor and enter the water. It’s deliciously hot. I lay down. Slowly, I pass my hands on my body so that the water covers everything. I stop at one point and look at my right arm. My left hand comes to touch the scars almost gone on the inside of my elbow. When was it again? Oh, yes. I was about 10. We were at Granny’s place in Roskhill, on the Isle of Skye. Paul was there but not Daniel. I was ridding my new bike… Something happened and I fell. The breaks and some rocks on the road tore my skin and left those two parallel lines, in between my awkward beauty spots. Mum used to joke about those. She said that they looked bizarrely like the Gemini constellation… Even more with the scars. I laugh. Mum have always had some crazy ideas. I should call her. But she is always so busy…

I look at my other arm. On my left wrist, usually hidden by my watch, is my tattoo. Another crazy idea, I did it in with my brother Daniel when he turned 18 and me 20. We were in London at the time, and we thought it could be a nice way to celebrate the new millennium. Of course, Mum and Dad went mad, but they couldn’t really do anything about it: we were adults now. The only one I felt sorry for was Paul, because he was too young to do it… Hey, that could be a good idea for his next birthday! I put my arms down in the water, and let my thoughts wander. Listen to the music… The Best of Police.

Walking back from your house, walking on the moon
Walking back from your house, walking on the moon
Feet they hardly touch the ground, walking on the moon
My feet don't hardly make no sound, walking on, walking on the moon

Some may say, I'm wishing my days away
No way, and if it's the price I pay
Some say, tomorrow's another day
You stay, I may as well play…
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Fragment #10 - Bath thoughts
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