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 Fragment #21 - Nature

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MessageSujet: Fragment #21 - Nature   05.01.09 12:15

Saturday, May 3rd 2008
Neist Point, Isle of Skye.

I can feel the stone against my back.
I'm sitting facing the ocean. Because it is the ocean here. Not another loch. No. The ocean. The real one. The unpredictable one. The one that gives you food, and storm. Protection and destruction. The one every generation of this island has been connected to. You can not help it. We all here have to do it, it's like an addiction. Every year, we have to come and spend some time with the ocean.
I'm sitting in the chaos of rocks that form the very end of the point, next to the lighthouse and the Bed and Breakfast. This chaos was half created by the ocean and half by mankind: people that come here started piling up some of the rocks, as a little souvenir of themselves (I suppose) and the next did the same. The ocean's contribution is to polish those statues and to destroy them randomly so that new ones can be created.
Here is where I feel closest to Nature. No need for music to free your mind. The music of the waves is enough for me to feel taken away in foreign and magical lands.
Gran stayed at home. She doesn't really like to come down here. The slope is too steep to come here and she has "too much to do to waste her time looking at the ocean". Her own words.
I hope I'll never feel that way. I need that peace and quiet, that time spent in front of the ocean. Without it... I'll go mental.
Tomorrow I'm going home. I miss my flat now. And a bit Steve as well, I have to say. I miss the chat, and the safe feeling that there is someone you can trust living wih you... Safe... The stalker. I need to do something about that when I come back. Cameron already said he would testify against the guy, should I need it. But I don't want to think about that. Not here, not now.
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Fragment #21 - Nature
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