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 Fragment #52 - Getting ready for the big journey...

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MessageSujet: Fragment #52 - Getting ready for the big journey...   05.01.09 14:08

Thursday, October 9th 2008
in Glasgow

"Ok, I've called the number you found on the internet. We only need to go and get a couple of vaccinations done and pack our suitcases."
"Really? That's all?"
"Yep. And I've made an appointement with Dr. Sheppherd, for tomorrow at 5. Is that ok with you? She knows all about our trip, she's a friend of mine."
"A good-looking one?"
"Steve, shut up. So, 5, is it ok?"
"Yeah, yeah, it's fine. What do we need to pack?"
"You mean, apart from underwear, trousers, shorts, tops, a couple of jackets and shoes?"
"Very funny, Charlie. I've never been to Africa before!"
"Well, neither have I, so we'll have to follow my dad's advice on this one."
'When is our plane leaving?"
"Saturday morning, at 6:35 from Glasgow Airport..."
"That early?!!!"
"Yep. We arrive at 11:20 at Paris CDG Airport. Then we change terminal and at 4:30 we take off and arrive in our final destination at 8:15pm, local hour. A car will be waiting for us, to drive us back to the hotel."
"What name did you give?"
"Mine, honey. My dad has still got loads of connections everywhere in the world."
Steve gets up from the sofa and comes right behind me to hug me.
"I'm really happy to go on holiday with you, sweetheart."
"Me too... I missed you during summer..."
I turn around and put my arms around his neck. My lips come close to his, only to brush against them.
"I missed you every single second, my love..." He sets his face in the curve of my neck. "I don't know what makes me happier: holding you here, in my arms, feeling your heart beating at the same rythm as mine, or going on holiday with you, where I'm going to be able to spend every minute with you and exhaust you, at last..."
I laugh.
"Well, I guess, we'll have to compare there, won't we?"
"Aye captain."
"And don't get too horny! I expect to see a bit more of Dakar, than just the bedroom!"

Yes, those holidays in Dakar are looking good, for both of us....
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Fragment #52 - Getting ready for the big journey...
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