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 Fragment #21 - In the middle of the night

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MessageSujet: Fragment #21 - In the middle of the night   14.01.10 1:29

Wednesday, January 12th 2010
in Glasgow

I open Aidan's door and quickly get to his crib. I take him in my arms and start swinging him slowly. Another nightmare... Unless his teeth are taunting him. Charlie has finally gone to sleep, and I don't want that little boy to wake her up, she needs her sleep. They both do. Well, actually, we all need our sleep... I go to the kitchen, still carrying my son in my arms. I open the fridge, and get out his cold dummy. It should help to ease the pain. I keep walking back and forth through the apartment, talking quietly to my little baby. After a little while, he closes his eyes and seems to go back to sleep. I linger a tiny while, and then set him back in his bed. After reassuring myself by staying at his side, I get back under my own covers. Charlie's there, sleeping. She's so deeply asleep that she's not even smiling. My... yes, my wife. God, I can still not believe in this miracle. I lay down facing her, pull her arm a bit, slide underneath it and set it back on my side. Then I gently move around and get her head on my torso. I need to feel her next to me, otherwise I can't fall asleep. I need to be able to watch her sleep, even for a few seconds before setting of myself. I missed her presence in this very bed so badly once. My brave wife... I feel as if I could grasp happiness, just there, just now. My son is beautiful, I'm married to the woman I hold dearest to my heart. I love my job, my parents and family are well, and my friends are super duper, as Vince would say. I catch my breath. How long this state close to paradise will last? Better enjoy every minute of it while I can, but then again why should it end? Sleep, Steve, sleep. The middle of the night is certainly not the best of time to wonder about such things...
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Fragment #21 - In the middle of the night
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