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 Fragment #1 - Day 27

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MessageSujet: Fragment #1 - Day 27   05.01.09 0:21

Sunday, December 21st 2008
in Glasgow

The phone rings. I rush out the shower, and jumps on the poor object.
"Yes?! Hello!"
"Steve, it's Paul."
"Oh. Hi, Paul." I can't help but sound disappointed.
"You alright?"
"Yeah, I think so. You?"
He stays silent. Me too. What can we say anyway? That we're desperate for some news of Charlie? We both know that. That we don't have any news whatsover? We know that too. That we start getting worried for their dad, Sir Collomb. We already said that not that long ago. There is nothing to say. Nothing more.
We stay there for a little while, hearing each other's breathing on the phone. And then, suddenly, Paul speaks again.
"Listen, Steve, I... I'm going back to France for a week. For Christmas."
Christmas? What about it?
"Oh ok."
"I know what you must be thinking Steve, but my brother Daniel and his family are coming all the way to my parents' house, and... Well, anyway, I don't think Charlie would want us to stop living because what's happening."
"Sure, Paul, whatever. Give my wishes to your family."
"Are you going to Inverness later this week?"
"Inverness? Why would I go to Inverness?"
"Er... Well, to see your parents, I guess."
"No. They'll do what they want, I'm staying here. In Glasgow. In the apartment. Just in case."
"Er, ok. Well, hum, bye then."
"Yeah, bye."

Just in case.
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Fragment #1 - Day 27
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