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 Fragment #46 - Camie's news

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MessageSujet: Fragment #46 - Camie's news   05.01.09 14:05

Thursday, October 2nd 2008,
in Glasow

Cameron walks in my office, his head behind the papers of last week. Daniel gets up to check what he wants, because I just told him about three minutes ago that I am not here for anyone. I'm writing the last draft of my new article, and I want it to be perfect.
I hear some excited whispers near the door, give a dark look to Camie and Dany next to the door.
"Dany, what is it?"
Cameron steps in.
"Hi, Princess!"
"Hey Camie."
I get up and give him a hug. He looks tired, and a bit upset.
"How are you? You look... terrible."
"Well, let's say that work is work. But you, on the other hand, look fab!"
He takes my hands and takes a good look at me. After a few seconds, he leans forward and whispers in my ear.
"Any good news that I should know? Any nephew, niece or godchild?..."
I laugh, and wink.
"No, sorry, not yet. What about you? Sara...?"
"No, we decided to get married first."
"Married? You're getting married."
He looks a bit confused and blushes.
"Well... hem... Yeah. In June. I mean, we'd like to have it in June."
I can feel my smile getting larger and larger.
"Oh my God! Congratulations, Cameron!!! I can't believe it! That's just great!"
"Thanks, Charlie. Hum, would you accept to be my wingman? I mean, woman?"
"Oh, Camie, of course."
I give him a big hug, and we take the rest of the day off to talk about that big event coming up...
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Fragment #46 - Camie's news
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