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 Fragment #17 - One fine morning

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MessageSujet: Fragment #17 - One fine morning   18.04.09 4:50

Friday, April 19th 2009
in Glasgow

I get up quietly, and go to the kitchen. I need a strong coffee to finish waking up. On the way, I pick up the newspaper, and set it on the table as I start browsing through the cupboard to get the breakfast things out. I hesitate a second to set the table for Charlie as well. But she's still sleeping, and she's got some of these weird fancies now. Some mornings she can't eat anything but milk, and then the next day, she will eat twice as much as me... I suppose that's what pregnant women do. I feel a bit helpless in that matter, because nobody around me, except Dad went through that. I talked to Dr Sheppherd, but she said she couldn't really help me. She said every man has to deal with the coming of his first born in his very own way. And surprisingly, that kind of comforted me. I felt me again. Yes, it is new and it is a challenge, but I want this, and Charlie is the one I am sharing it with. Nothing wrong can come out of that.
Ok, coffee is ready, toasts are reasy, butter, jam. I sit down, and start reading the newspaper. Politicians trying to change the world, families fighting for their dear ones, criminals being sent to prison - or not -,... Same news everyday with only a little change everyday. I suddenly remember that article I read a few days ago. It was in the Herald, and was about that woman who was laughed at on the Britain's Got Talent Show on Monday night. I remember the tone of it, that kind of vibe there was in it, almost as if that journalist was the woman... That woman who spent her life caring for others. And who took the chance this once to care for her, and what she wanted in life: a singing career. I also recall Charlie crying while reading the article. When I asked her why she was crying, she said that she was crying because of the beauty of the story, but also because of the truthfulness of the words. And then, she added that she was also probably crying because of her hormones... At which we laughed as we do with anything that sounds as cliché as this.
I put everything back where it belongs, put the cup, the plate and knife in the sink. I'll do the dishes later. I walk back to the bedroom, and sits next to Charlie's sleeping beauty. I slowly stroke her hair, and kiss her on the cheek.
"Good morning, love."
She just turns around and gets comfier by pulling the covers up to her chin.
"Come on, Charlie, you have to get up. It's almost time now."
"Time for what?"
"For the appointment at the hospital, hon."
Her eyes get wide open.
"Shit! It's today?"
"Oh, crap, I forgot..."
I laugh.
"It's ok, don't worry... Do you feel like eating or drinking anything for breakfast today? We still have some time."
"No, I... Just don't talk about food ok? Or I'll throw up."
"Alright, honey."
I kiss her again, and leave her to get ready.

"Miss Collomb and Mr Brymer. Good morning. How are you?"
"Very well, sir. Still a bit nauseous in the mornings, but other than that, ok."
"Good. Ok, let's see the celebrity, now." He smiles. That man is a legend. I don't know if he is very competend as gynecologist, but I feel like we can trust him with the most precious things. In my case: Charlie and the baby.
"Right, before I start, I have to ask you THE question." He keeps the suspence for a couple of seconds. "Do you want me to tell you if it's a boy or a girl?"
Charlie looks at me, I look back at her. We discussed that earlier. She would rather know, just... just to know. Because she's Charlie and that she doesn't like surprises. But I told her I would rather not. Because... I don't really know why. I suppose it has to do with the fact that if you know, for sure, if it's a boy or a girl, you can start imagining how the baby will be. But if you don't, it gives a chance to the baby to completely surprise you, and also your subconscient will not be disappointed with the differences between your fantasies and the actual gorgeous little person.
Charlie turns to the doctor, and says: "No thank you. We want to keep the surprise."
I take her hand to my lips. The doctor smiles, and then sets the sonde on Charlie's big belly... And after a little while, there it is. That little shape on the monitor. And just after, that sound. The sound that gets me to sleep.

My baby's heartbeat...
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MessageSujet: Re: Fragment #17 - One fine morning   20.04.09 20:23

This is the cutest thing you ever wrote Alhena
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MessageSujet: Re: Fragment #17 - One fine morning   21.04.09 1:26

Well, thank you, Mesa... I did enjoy it a lot...
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MessageSujet: Re: Fragment #17 - One fine morning   

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Fragment #17 - One fine morning
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