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 Fragment #111 - Summer looks like a busy time...

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MessageSujet: Fragment #111 - Summer looks like a busy time...   21.02.09 19:52

Thursday, February 19th 2009
in Glasgow

I eventually reach the pub in which Cameron, Sara and Sasha are waiting for me. I get to their table, and give them a quick hug.
"So, Charlie, what's the hurry?"
"I have big news."
"What kind?"
I take the time to order a pineapple juice and take my coat off. I look at them. My friends. The closest I have. I put my hand on Cameron's.
"When is the wedding?"
Sara blushes a little, and says "On the 30th of May. We managed to get the Oran Mor for the party."
"Awesome!!! Guys, that's just great news." Sasha is completely off balance. She adores weddings.
"Well... Now that we're talking about it..." Cameron starts. He breathes in deep. And take out two enveloppes. They're creamy white, and some nice and round handwritting (I guess it's Sara's) says "Steve and Charlie" on one and "Sasha" on the other. He hands them to us.
"Here you go."
Sasha is extatic. "Can we open them?"
"Sure, sure."
I don't, though. I'll open it with Steve. Sasha tears the paper off, and gets out a red card with two butterflies cut-outs. It's modern, elegant, lovely. Just them. Sasha (and I guess Steve and I are too) is invited to the ceremony in a church in Glasgow, and then to the party afterwards. When Sasha looks up, she's got tears in her eyes.
"I'm SO happy for you guys!!!"
Sara takes her hand and thanks her. She looks at Sasha and after a minute, says: "Sasha, I do have one favour to ask you."
"What is it?"
"Can you help me with my dress?" And then, it took about five minutes for Sasha to recover. In the meantime, I confirmed to Cameron that I'll be his wing "woman".
And out of nowhere, Sara focuses the conversation back on me.
"So Charlie, now that we have given OUR big news, what's yours?"
I smile.
"Well, actually, I have two."
Silence. I wonder which one I should give first: the wedding or the baby? We started the day with a wedding, let's keep the pattern.
"Well, I think Sasha's shop will have to work quite hard this year..." And when I see they don't get my hint, I take two enveloppes out and say: "Steve and I are getting married this summer. You're all invited." Three mouths drop. Oh come on guys, that had to be some kind of predictable. Cameron gathers his spirits first, and comes and gives me a big hug. So do Sara and Sasha after a couple of minutes.
"Oh my God, Charlie, this is wonderful!!!" I think Sasha's definitively lost for the day!
"Thanks, guys. Cameron, Sasha, I actually wanted to ask something. How would you like to be my wing man and bridesmaid?"
A massive hug from both of them is the answer. We talk about that fro a little while, when Cameron says: "So, what's the other news?"
"Well, you might have to attend a christening, before my wedding..." I answer a hand on my belly, which is getting bigger and bigger.
The three of them jump on me and scream at the same time "Oh my god!!"

We get back to my place. Cameron wants to speak to Steve, Sasha doesn't want to leave me, and Sara decided she'll stick with us from now on. "We're the wedding lassies" she says, which makes me leugh more than I would expect. I made sure they'll keep it quiet about those news for my family, who doesn't know, apart from Paul and Emma, of course. And Louis, my... uncle.
Once we get at the flat, I let the others monopolizing the conversation and Steve and Louis, and get some peace and quiet in my room. I get the phone and call my dad. After the usual exchange of French "How do you do"s, I get to the point and ask him to come over tomorrow. Of course, he asks me why and what's the hurry. I don't explain, but I say that I want him to come. And when I get his promise, I hang up. I promise Louis he will meet his brother before going back to France.
And I always keep my promises.
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Fragment #111 - Summer looks like a busy time...
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